Thursday, August 4, 2011

Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality (re)launch a new and improved website

I am pleased to report that the Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality (CCHS) has launched a new and improved website. Have a look at

Established in 1996, the CCHS is an official subcommittee of the Canadian Historical Association (CHA-SHC). The aim of the CCHS is to provide an organizational focus within the Canadian historical profession for all those who are researching, writing, teaching, and otherwise interested in the historical study of sexuality.

The site remains in its original design, but its contents and links are now updated. In the "News" section, for example, you'll find a couple items related to the upcoming conference in Vancouver, "We Demand: History/Sex/Activism in Canada." The other pages, such as the bibliography and web resources, have also been updated.

The hope is to turn the website into a useful resource for all those working on the sexual past in Canada. Thanks to CCHS co-chair Steven Maynard for passing along the information. I'm sure that it will be useful to many who use the CLGA for their research!

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