Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), Southern Huron District High School

For the second time this month I was treated to the enthusiastic company of a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) chapter, this time from the Southern Huron District High School, Exeter Ontario. The troupe -- comprised of six inquiring youths and Chuck Mallette, an English teacher and GSA representative -- were such keeners they arrived early despite the drizzling rain. Throughout the visit we discussed CLGA concerns such as the conservation of queer heritage and public outreach to the extent that after sharing time together we ultimately went for lunch to further the conversation. Prior to their arrival, the GSA visited the Glad Day Bookstore and upon leaving they moved onwards to the Central Toronto Youth Services and the 519 Community Centre on Church Street. Once again, friends from the GSA, you made our day and we very much look forward to seeing next year!

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  1. A great BIG thank you to Wokie from South Huron GSA for the tour, the information, the enthusiasm and the ispiration! South Huron DHS (Exeter, Ont) Gay Straight Alliance had a wonderful day in Toronto, highlighted by the CLGA tour and, a special treat, lunch with Wokie! Thanks for being there for us and for being so welcoming and informative. -Chuck