Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CLGA in Pride Toronto coverage

This article was sent to us courtesy of Tourism Toronto, who came for a tour of CLGA along with American, European and Japanese members of the press (whose articles we will also post when we receive them).
It was so great to meet people from other countries who were here to celebrate Pride. It made me really appreciate the level of support and freedom that the community has in Canada, even if there is still a long way to go. It also made me proud of Pride Toronto as an event and of the organizers for finally making the right decision even if it might cause funding tensions later.

Cyndi Lauper and her blues band perform for Toronto Pride (Source:www.pridetoronto.com)

Out in Toronto

Everywhere--from billboards celebrating the gay lifestyle to art shows, dance, music, theatre, and bars-- Toronto embraces all things gay.

There is also a sense that the struggles to achieve gay rights have already been won here, making it easier to relax, and to be comfortably (and publicly) seen as you are and as you wish to be seen. And it must be noted that there is substantial public and private financing to make sure that Pride Week comes off successfully.

Toronto is a rational, clear-thinking place that promotes civilized behavior. And it takes its history seriously. A visit to the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (
www.clga.ca), a library open to the public at 34 Isabella Street , is a must. The library--open Tuesday-Thursday and by appointment--also houses an art gallery, currently displaying portraits of gay community leaders, including councilor Kyle Rae, who, over the years, have worked to make a difference. The Archives offers evidence that the gay community has roots, and ensures that the community will be thriving in Toronto for a long time to come.

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