Friday, June 11, 2010

Review of William Craddock's Film

I went to the priemere of Wil Craddock's film, Gay Rights: Politics, Activism and Canada's Gay Conservatives and it was fabulous!

I was surprised by the range in ages of those interviewed and the honesty with which he approached the subject. Also, there was a real National representation with interviews from across the country.

There were very well articulated arguments presented throughout and what sounded like a consensus that while it may not be impossible to be both gay and conservative, if you are both you will likely want to qualify the alliance along fiscal lines. Most if not all of those interviewed stipulated that they were "fiscally conservative, socially liberal."

There was intersting use of CLGA's periodical collection and facilities which was nice to see.

I did think it was odd that there were no women in the film, but perhaps Wil was saving them for the sequel.

Very well done, Wil!

You can catch this film tonight (Friday) and Tuesday. Check locations and times at

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