Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Annual General Meeting

This evening was the CLGA's Annual General Meeting.

Quoting from Martin Lanigan's President Address:
"2009 was a watershed year for the CLGA. During 2009 we completed the long anticipated renovation project of our new home at 34Isabella Street, and we completed the enormous task of moving the collection and our administrative records into our new home. I cannot possibly recount all of the tremendous challenges, sacrifices and perseverance that these tasks demanded of you [CLGA membership and volunteers]. I cannot sufficiently thank all of the people who made this happen. Leadership, commitment, passion and hard work were shown not only by board members and committee chairs, but also by countless volunteers throughout the organization. The scope and pace of activities, however, did not stop with settling into our new home. the CLGA made up for lost time - as evidenced but the fact that every committee has advanced new and important initiatives and projects in the past year. You [CLGA membership and volunteers] should all be proud of what you are accomplishing."

We reviewed the past year's activities, achievements and opportunities for new growth in the coming year.
The reports presented at this meeting along with the minutes will be available in our offices at 34 Isabella Street.

Among other things, we elected our new board for the coming year.
Our Executive Directors are:
  • Robert Windrum, President
  • Dennis Findlay, Vice-President
  • Dennis Parker, Secretary
  • Mahesh Dias, Treasurer
The rest of the Board of Directors includes:
  • Martin Lanigan
  • Mary MacDonald
  • Marc Lalonde
  • Pearse Murray
  • Elizabeth Bailey
Here is a photo ofyour new Board of Directors.

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