Friday, February 19, 2010

This Gay in History #1

This Gay in History is a collaborative project produced by Toronto's Proud FM 103.9 and the CLGA. The first in the series features the Brunswick Four.

The Brunswick Four were four lesbians involved in a historic incident in Toronto, Ontario in 1974. The four were evicted from the Brunswick Tavern, a working-class beer hall on Bloor Street, subsequently arrested, and three were later tried in Ontario Court for obstruction of justice.

Click below to listen to the podcast. [note: the photos are for pleasant viewing purposes only. Unfortunately, this CE member could not locate a photo of the Brunswick Four].


  1. This is really great!
    Was the text for this written by our very own Kate Zieman? Do you know who the reader is?

  2. The reader is our very own Kate Zieman too!