Friday, February 19, 2010

Interview with Ann Bannon

Elizabeth and I were just talking about the CLGA's amazing collection of lesbian pulp novels from the '50s and '60s, and she told me about this NPR interview with Ann Bannon. Bannon wrote some of the best-known (and least depressing) novels in this genre: I Am a Woman, Odd Girl Out, Journey to a Woman, and a few others. Fascinating lady.


  1. She was also famous for creating the character Beebo Brinker who was one of the first positive Butch Lesbians in literature.
    This link to the interview above was about Ann's struggle to write these novels and keep them secret from her family and to her academic peers, and what writing the novels meant for her.

  2. I adored Beebo Brinker and the whole series. Read them all in the early 1970's, when they seemed very much a period piece, but not in so distant a past. I even named my car, a ford Bronco, Beebo Bronco.

    I actually found the paperbacks in a yard sale in Schoharie County NY. Not sure what happened to them, admits an embarrassed collector and archivist.

  3. Not to worry, reproductions of the full collection of Ann Bannon's work was reprinted about 7 years ago and I got the whole set at Indigo.
    There are likely still copies around and they have very convincing covers!