Thursday, February 25, 2010

The CLGA Helps Students

Danielle Cooper is a student pursuing a collaborative Master's degree at the University of Toronto's Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies and the Faculty of Information. Danielle works with the Sexual Representation Collection (SRC) at University College which is composed of materials related to sexual representation and censorship. While there is some queer content, the SRC focuses generally on subject matter like censorship. The Collection is comprised mainly of books, videos, and magazines. Danielle sought the assistance of the CLGA volunteers to provide guidance and mentorship as she helped create a system to make available the SRC for public use. Volunteers at the CLGA worked in consultation with Danielle and offered support in achieving her research objectives. Through such cooperative efforts, resources like the SRC are being made available for public and scholarly use.

To learn more about the Sexual Representation Collection, visit the University College website at:

To learn more about how the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives can help with research, visit the CLGA at:

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