Friday, February 12, 2010

Announcing Archivaria 68: Special Section on Queer Archives

Archivaria 68 (Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists)features the Special Section of Queer Archives. Our fearless CE leader, Kate Zieman, is a contributor and CE member Rebecka Sheffield is the co-editor. The CLGA makes several appearances in this issue.

If you are not a member of the ACA or an institution that subscribes to the journal, you can request a single issue online here: As far as we know, this is the first time that an archives journal has produced an issue that is almost entirely LGBT content -- even the book reviews are part of our special section.

I've copied the table of contents below to pique your interest.

Archivaria #68: Special Section on Queer Archives
ISSN: 0318-6954

Special Section on Queer Archives
"Note from the Guest Editors" : Rebecka Sheffield, Marcel Barriault
"Accessing Transgender // Desiring Queer(er?) Archival Logics" : K.J. Rawson
"Resisted Access? National Security, the Access to Information Act, and Queer(ing) Archives" : Patrizia Gentile
"Police/Archives" : Steven Maynard
"The 1942 Same-sex Trials in Edmonton: On the State’s Repression of Sexual Minorities, Archives, and Human Rights in Canada" : Lyle Dick
"Hard to Dismiss: The Archival Value of Gay Male Erotica and Pornography" : Marcel Barriault
"Hidden from Historians: Preserving Lesbian Oral History in Canada" : Elise Chenier
"Love and Lubrication in the Archives, or rukus!: A Black Queer Archive for the United Kingdom" : Ajamu X, Topher Campbell, Mary Stevens

Notes and Communications
"Du placard à l’institution : l’histoire des Archives gaies du Québec (AGQ)" : Jacques Prince
"Youth Outreach Initiatives at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives" : Kate Zieman

Book Reviews

"SUSAN STRYKER, Transgender History" : Carrie Schmidt
"MARCIA M. GALLO, Different Daughters: A History of the Daughters of Bilitis and the Rise of the Lesbian Rights Movement" : Kate Zieman
"PIERRE BORHAN, Man to Man: A History of Gay Photography" : John Ibson
"IAN YOUNG, Out in Paperback: A Visual History of Gay Pulps" : Nick Nguyen
“Where is Queer?” Museums and Social Issues, vol. 3, no. 1 : Greg Bak

Exhibition Reviews
Histoire de nos vies : les gais et lesbiennes au Québec de 1648 à aujourd’hui. EXPOSITION VIRTUELLE PERMANENTE SUR LE SITE WEB DES ARCHIVES GAIES DU QUÉBEC AGQ)
Martin Gagné

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