Sunday, June 21, 2009

Show your Pride and Support the CLGA!

Check out these fab items for sale at the archive, 34 Isabella Street.

Buttons!!!!  $2 for one or the whole set for $5!  

Post cards: $2 for one, or get the whole set for $8!


  1. The Alice Austen photo. Are you linked to the Alice Austen House?
    cool site. Not sure how much they discuss Alice's Sapphic lifestyle.

    We did a story on her in DYKE A Quarterly and used that photo as a cover - with some modification

  2. Yeah, nice use of the photo on the cover!

    We actually don't have a connection to the Alice Austen House as they still don't seem to be very open to discussing her sexuality.

    Too bad because that photo has become iconic.