Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jane's Walks: Yonge Street is Flaming

Yonge Street is Flaming.

This walk was my first Jane’s Walk, and it was great!

Lots of good anecdotes and first-hand accounts from guest guide Marcia McVea, but also great stories from guides Jane Farrow and Gerald Hannon as well as time given at each stop for stories and memories from amongst the participants.

It was very informative and fun way to engage with the city’s history and well worth the strain to hear the speakers who were often overpowered by Yonge Street traffic during the first stops.

Click here for more details on this walk and Jane’s Walks throughout the country:

Queer history moves up Yonge Street, from the smokey anonymity of swanky hotel piano bars of the 1950's to the grotty backrooms of the 70's and the revolutionary parades and marches of the 1980's. Join in a conversational Sunday stroll through the history of the bars, beverage rooms and clubs frequented by gays and lesbians on the Yonge Street strip from King to Wellesley Streets.

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