Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello, Hamilton!

On Friday, May 22nd Dennis and I travelled to Hamilton to take part in Westmount Secondary School's "Day of Difference" conference. After a few wrong turns, I'm happy to report that we made it to the school with a whole 15 minutes to spare! The event began with a school-wide assembly, followed by 15 workshops facilitated by local community organizations. Dennis and I spoke about Canadian LGBT history and the work that we do at the CLGA, and the discussion that followed was informative for students, teachers and presenters alike. I was particularly impressed by the candor and sophistication of the students, and it was great to hear about the anti-homophobia work that they're doing in their schools. Some of the students described appalling instances of homophobic violence, but it also seems that progress is being made in certain areas (particularly at Westmount, the school that hosted the conference).

After the presentation, we attended a school-sponsored lunch with the other presenters and the conference organizers. I must admit to being a little Toronto-centric, so it was cool to chat with people from Hamilton's LGBT community and to learn about what goes on there. Here's a link to their Pride calendar:

Big thanks to the Westmount conference organizers, and hopefully we'll see some of ya'll at the CLGA's open house on Pride weekend!

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